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Board effectiveness evaluation and training

Board and Committee evaluation

The effectiveness of the Board, individual directors and the Board’s main committees are reviewed annually, with an externally facilitated review every three years as required by the UK Corporate Governance Code.​ The results of these reviews are contained within Section B of the Annual Report. The most recent board evaluation review took place in 2019 and the broad message across all contributors to the review was that the Board was covering the appropriate ground, took its responsibilities very seriously and was capable of very effective challenge. More detailed findings from the evaluation are set out in Page 80 of the Annual Report and that includes the following against which progress will be reported next year.

Individual performance

The Chair appraises the performance of the non-executive directors, identifying any development opportunities or training needs. The Senior Independent Director leads the review of the performance of the Chair with the other non-executive directors, taking into account the views of the executive directors. The performance of the Chief Executive is also appraised by the Chair. The performance of the other executive directors is appraised by the Chief Executive in conjunction with the Chair. The results of these appraisals are presented to the Remuneration Committee for consideration and determination of remuneration. At each AGM the Chair confirms, when proposing the re-election of any non-executive director, that following formal performance evaluation, the individual’s performance continues to be effective and demonstrates commitment to the role.

Learning and development

A Learning and Development Framework was endorsed for the Board in September 2018. This includes a learning and development plan for each board member based on an agreed skills matrix. Details on the development of the skills matrix during 2019 and training undertaken by the Board can be found in Sections B3 and B4 of the Annual Report.

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