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Alex Harris

Group Finance

I joined as a Financial Projects Intern in the Group Finance department. The internship has given me experience to complement my academic studies and the opportunity to test my skills in the real world.

One of the main pieces of work I got involved with was the preparation of the Annual Report and Accounts. I spent a good proportion of my first six months on this project, working to ensure the document was well-presented and factually correct. I was proud of the work I’d done when the Report was published.

The internship has given me a much better understanding of how large companies operate and how different teams communicate and work together to deliver the support and service that the business needs from the finance function. It was also a good opportunity to develop my personal and analytical skills in a real-world environment.

If you’re looking for work experience before completing your degree, or you want to try out a role before committing fully to it, an internship is a great experience. You may find the work surprisingly rewarding and it will help you get a step closer to securing a full-time position after graduating.