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With new Paragon research finding that SMEs are set to increase invesement over the following months it is vital that they are able to secure the financing the require,writes Ian Galbraith, Parago ...

Richard Rowntree highlights that the buy-to-let sector is heading toward its thirtieth year and has nearly £300 billion in outstanding balances in his latest column for Mortgage Strategy.

Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, shares his thoughts on the ‘Reforming the Private Rented Sector’ report and what it means for buy-to-let landlords.

Homes in the PRS have shown a substantial improvement in recent years. Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, discusses how we can help drive these improvements further.

Savings Director, Derek Sprawling comments as the savings market burst into life at the end of 2022 as consumers finally felt compelled to move their money in search of better rates. 

Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, discusses the findings of our Raising the standards of privately rented property report and how they challenge the rhetoric on renting.

Our latest report examines how landlord investment has led to improvements in the standard of privately rented homes.

Our new report investigates the nation's tenants, how they feel about renting and their ambitions to buy.

January 2023 marks the third anniversary of Richard Rowntree joining Paragon as Mortgages Managing Director. Here, he reflects on what has been an extraordinary time in the industry.

Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, explains why house shares are an essential part of the private rented sector.