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Paragon’s Vehicle Finance team encouraging cleaner emissions

Paragon’s Vehicle Finance team have been striving to improve their environmental awareness by building relationships with Energy Saving Trust (EST).

This week, the team met with Peter Eggeman and James Brown, both Fleet Support Managers at EST, to try and get a better understanding of the latest vehicle market changes relating to cleaner emissions for funded assets.

Energy Saving Trust provide independent and impartial advice on reducing carbon emissions.

Peter Eggeman, Fleet Support Manager at Energy Saving Trust, said:

We are always keen to offer our guidance to organisations such as Paragon and it’s encouraging to know that the Vehicle Finance team are looking at ways to gain a better understanding of cleaner emissions.

Paragon are keen to understand the in-depth knowledge that Energy Saving Trust are able to offer, as this will allow them to subsequently advise introducers, business partners and dealer groups on reducing their environmental footprint when considering asset finance.

Dale Trenam, Sales Director – Paragon Asset Finance, said:

The more we can understand about cleaner emissions, the better placed we are to pass this guidance on to our stakeholders and highlight the importance of considering the environmental impact when looking at asset finance options.

We are grateful that we have built a relationship with Energy Saving Trust and for the insight that they are able to provide us with, as doing our bit to help the environment is always at the forefront of our minds – especially when it comes to financing vehicles.