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Responding to customer complaints

We strive to design and deliver products, together with a standard of service, that meets with our customers’ satisfaction and lives up to their expectations. However, we don’t always get things right and effective resolution of complaints is a key focus.

Complaint handling

All our business areas follow the FCA’s Dispute Resolution Sourcebook to ensure consistent and fair customer outcomes.

We’ve signposted different ways for customers to get in touch with us if they want to provide feedback or make a complaint. We acknowledge each complaint promptly, and work with customers to understand their feedback, investigate fully and respond quickly in a fair and open manner.

We aim to resolve complaints at the first point of contact but acknowledge that some complaints will require further specialist investigation and time to resolve.

Where this is the case, we maintain regular contact with the customer to keep them informed of the progress of their complaint.

We’ve also established contacts within previous service providers to ensure any relevant complaint is resolved at the earliest possible opportunity.

Where applicable, we provide customers with Alternative Dispute Resolution information to allow them to appeal to independent parties if they are not satisfied with our response. These include the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Finance and Leasing Association. Where customers feel the need to appeal, we co-operate fully and promptly with any settlements and awards made by these parties. 

We view every complaint as an opportunity to improve our business, an opportunity to further strengthen complaint handling, and most importantly, an opportunity to put things right for our customers. 

Complaint monitoring

We have established complaint reporting forums for all our business areas to allow for the effective review of complaint volumes and trends, and root cause analysis to make sure we learn from the issues raised and address the causes of complaints.

Effectiveness is regularly assessed through a programme of outcome testing, with a regular flow of information to the Customer and Conduct Committee, ensuring complaint visibility goes right to the top of the organisation.

Metrics on customer complaints are an important management information measure for the Board and form part of the determination of management bonuses and the vesting conditions for share-based remuneration.