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Employee involvement

We recognise the benefit of keeping employees informed of the progress of the business and foster a range of initiatives to encourage and deepen involvement.


employee engagement recorded in the in-depth, 2021 employee survey


employee check-in survey

70% +

employees participate in at least one active Sharesave Plan

People Forum

Employee representatives from each area of the business attend the People Forum. It facilitates communication and dissemination of information throughout the Group and provides a means by which employees can be consulted and provide feedback on matters affecting them.

The purpose of the People Forum is:

  • to encourage and develop an employee voice
  • to support effective decision making and continual business improvement
  • to protect the Group’s strong culture and deliver good customer outcomes

The People Forum is designated as the primary channel through which the Board receives information on the views of the workforce.

In 2020, non-executive directors attended People Forum meetings to discuss topics including pay, reward and the impact of the pandemic on the workforce and the business.

People forum

Initiative to cut plastic waste

The People Forum championed an initiative to cut waste by eliminating single-use, plastic cups at all locations and providing each employee with a reusable water bottle instead.

Employee surveys

Regular employee surveys give us the opportunity to gather employee opinion on a wide range of topics, from the effectiveness of our leaders and our approach to customers to the success of our employee communication and development initiatives.

Online survey
Employee briefing

Performance, plans and news updates

All employees receive regular information on the performance and plans of the company, and the financial and economic factors affecting it, through electronic information and presentations.

Our intranet site, The Hub, delivers a daily stream of Paragon-related business, culture and wellbeing news.

Performance conversations

Regular conversations take place between each employee and their manager to reflect on performance, set future objectives and agree development needs.

Sharesave and profit sharing

We operate a Sharesave share option scheme and a profit-sharing scheme, both of which enable eligible employees to benefit from the performance of the business.