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Idem Capital

Our business is organised into three lending divisions, Mortgage Lending, Commercial Lending and Idem Capital. Funding comes from a range of different sources, with the majority of new lending funded by savings deposits.


Idem Capital is a UK loan purchaser, acquiring and servicing portfolios which include products such as leases, motor finance agreements and mortgages. In addition, we offer servicing of loan portfolios for clients including banks, private equity houses and specialist lenders.

We are proud of the reputation we have established for customer service. We assist our customers in managing their accounts and strive to create fair, affordable and sustainable repayment solutions.

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active customer accounts
(31 March 2022)

Cumulative accounts


1 million+
customer accounts managed
(since 2012)

Loan assets

Loan assets

£196 million
(31 March 2022)

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