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Women in Finance and diversity targets

Paragon is a proud signatory of HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, a pledge for gender balance across the financial services sector.

In 2017, in accordance with the Charter, we set a target for 35% female representation in senior management, together with additional targets to build broader diversity across the Group. We successfully achieved all targets ahead of the January 2022 deadline and new targets will be set during the next 12 months.

Measure Target Sep 2021 Status
Female representation in senior management1 35% 38.7% achieved
Additional targets
Females in workforce 50% 52.5% achieved
Females as a percentage of employees receiving management career development and leadership training 50% 52% achieved
Managers from an ethnic minority background 10% 13.4% 2 achieved
Workforce on flexible working 10% 24% achieved
Flexible working on a part time basis 50% 73.6% achieved
1 Senior Management is defined as being Executive Directors, Executive Committee members and their direct reports, in accordance with the recommendations in the Hampton-Alexander Report.
2 has been calculated based on the ethnicity data that 58% of employees self-disclosed.

Action to reach our targets

We regularly review our progress and, to help us reach our targets, we have:

  • reviewed recruitment and selection practices and now instruct search firms to provide improved gender diversity amongst candidates
  • continued to increase our focus on providing female career development and leadership training
  • continued a programme to identify female leaders and potential leaders amongst the workforce, providing those individuals with more coaching and development opportunities
  • continued participation in the Women Ahead cross-company mentoring programme
  • delivered training on unconscious bias
  • implemented an online recruitment system to provide anonymised CVs at the first selection stage
  • reviewed and implemented an increase in maternity pay provision
  • established an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion network to broaden the Group’s diversity focus
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