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Our business is organised into two lending divisions, Mortgage Lending and Commercial Lending. Funding comes from a range of different sources, with the majority of new lending funded by savings deposits.


Paragon’s principal source of funding for new lending is our range of savings products offered to UK households. Other funding for lending is derived from the efficient use of the Bank of England funding schemes, while securitisation continues to fund much of the historic mortgage book and is used tactically. Central funding is provided through corporate and retail bonds.

Savings overview

Savings products

Savings products

Paragon Bank offers a range of safe, simple and transparent Fixed Rate and Access savings accounts, including ISAs. Our regular survey of new savings customers demonstrates a high level of satisfaction with our accounts and online application process. Online distribution has been augmented by the addition of postal accounts, and digital banking and wealth management platform relationships.

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More adult savings accounts exceed tax thresholds

How to strengthen your savings habit

How to strengthen your savings habit

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