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AGM and shareholders

The Board encourages communication with Paragon Banking Group PLC's institutional and private investors. All shareholders have at least twenty working days’ notice of the AGM at which the directors and committee chair are available for questions. The AGM is held in London during business hours and provides an opportunity for directors to report to investors on the Group’s activities, to answer their questions and receive their views. At all general meetings shareholders have an opportunity to vote separately on each resolution and all proxy votes lodged are counted and the balances for, against and directed to be withheld in respect of each resolution are announced.

The Chief Executive and the Chief Financial Officer have a full programme of meetings with institutional investors during the course of the year and investors’ comments are communicated to all members of the Board, enabling them to develop an understanding of major shareholders’ views of the Group. During the year ended 30 September 2023 meetings were held with investors from the UK, Europe and North America. From time-to-time other presentations are made to institutional investors and analysts to enable them to gain a greater understanding of important aspects of the Group’s business.

The Chair of the Board and the Chair of the Remuneration Committee hold regular meetings with shareholders and advisory groups to discuss remuneration and other corporate governance matters and the comments received are reported to the Board and considered by the Remuneration Committee in determining or varying the Group’s approach to executive compensation.

The results of all of these meetings are reported to the Board so that all directors are aware of shareholder views.

The Senior Independent Director is also available to shareholders to address any concerns or issues they feel have not been adequately dealt with through the usual channels of communication and to obtain a balanced understanding of their issues and concerns. The Senior Independent Director is made aware of views expressed by shareholders to other members of the Board, via Paragon's brokers or through the Investor Relations team and is available to meet with shareholders should they wish. Such meetings can be arranged via the Company Secretary.

AGM Presentation