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Mortgage Lending

Our business is organised into two lending divisions, Mortgage Lending and Commercial Lending. Funding comes from a range of different sources, with the majority of new lending funded by savings deposits.


We offer buy-to-let mortgage finance for landlords operating in the UK’s Private Rented Sector.

We were one of the first lenders to pioneer buy-to-let lending and, since 1996, we have originated £29.2 billion of buy-to-let accounts.

Our customer-focused approach, combined with our expertise in property valuation and risk assessment, helps us support a wide range of customers, especially landlords with large-scale property portfolios, those investing in complex properties and those operating in corporate structures.

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landlord customers
(31 March 2023)

New lending

New lending

£1.02 billion
(six months ended 31 March 2023)

Loan assets

Loan assets

£12.6 billion
mortgage loan assets
(31 March 2023)

Customer focus

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Mortgage Intermediary Insight Report – Summer 2023

Raising the standards of privately rented property

Raising the standards of privately rented property

The rental sector energy challenge report

The rental sector energy challenge

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