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Paragon Bank Managing Director of SME Lending John Phillipou comments on measures for small businesses included in the 2024 Spring Budget and why the full expensing extension didn't go far enough.

Paragon’s new report highlights how UK SMEs are looking to the future with investment plans and renewed confidence

The importance of brokers to the success of the UK economy cannot be understated. 

SMEs are set to invest and help drive forward national economic growth, writes Paragon's Managing Director of SME Lending, John Phillipou, on the publication of the new report An SME Led Recovery

With new Paragon research finding that SMEs are set to increase invesement over the following months it is vital that they are able to secure the financing the require,writes Ian Galbraith, Parago ...

Our report shows SMEs are targeting growth and continuing to invest despite growing economic pressures.

We speak to Dale Trenam, Paragon SME Lending’s Head of Transport, about some of the key issues in the sector, including fuel prices and the transition to green.

What are the key trends impacting demand for equipment in Media, Audio Visual and Live events? Our Technology Business Development Manager, Jon Openshaw, reveals the latest insights from the sector. 

SMEs are seeing costs rise but are struggling to pass these on. Discover how companies are finding ways to adapt and evolve in the face of challenging market conditions.

Paragon SME Lending examines recent events that have impacted the logistics and distribution sector, including Brexit and the global pandemic, and how that is affecting SMEs in the industry.