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Who are the UK’s private rental sector tenants?


Our first UK Tenant Report examines the diverse profile of the nation’s tenants, who they are, why they rent and their appetite to buy. Download the report to find out more.  

Millions of people call the Private Rented Sector (PRS) home, but who are these tenants, why do they rent, do they like renting and how long do they intend to rent a home for? These are some of the questions we have delved into in our first UK Tenant Report. 

We spoke to nearly 2,000 tenants in the PRS across the country about their experiences of renting and the results confirmed what we suspected. The tenant base is diverse - from young couples finding their first home together, to families, to people in later life who may live on their own – but it’s one that sees the benefits of the tenure. 

Of course, the UK is a nation of homeowners and many tenants naturally aspire to own their own property, particularly those in the younger age brackets, but people are generally happy in their rented home, recognise that it suits their needs and, on the whole, enjoy a good relationship with their landlord. 

For those who want to ultimately buy, the PRS provides a good quality home whilst they build that deposit. But it also provides a good quality home for those that don’t – or can’t – afford to buy and will live in the tenure for the long-term. 

The rise of buy-to-let has coincided with an improvement to PRS homes as landlords invest in property, but we recognise that improvements can always be made. Tenants tell us they are generally happy with their property, but would like upgrades made here and there. Naturally, they want to see repairs made quickly and promptly. 

Landlords in the PRS are helping to shift the experience of renting and, as a by-product, the perception of renting. There is more to be done but the sector’s role of providing a safe, comfortable home for millions needs to be recognised. 

Download the UK Tenant Report 2020.