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Six in 10 landlords recorded increased tenant demand for their properties in the final quarter of 2023, Paragon Bank research has revealed.

Paragon Bank has added five-year fixed-rate products to its range of buy-to-let mortgages.

Nottingham-based property developer Hockley Developments Ltd has secured a £5.4 million funding facility from Paragon Bank to support the second phase of its Sherwood Library development. 

Just under half of mortgage brokers expect to place more limited company buy-to-let business throughout the next 12 months, Paragon Bank research shows.

Brits missed out on an estimated minimum of £6.9 billion in savings returns in 2023 by leaving their money languishing in current accounts that do not pay any interest.

Paragon Bank has reduced rates on five-year fixed-rate buy-to-let mortgages by up to 70bps, in addition to lowering its reference rate and making changes to lending criteria, more broadly. 

Paragon Bank’s SME Lending Division has unveiled a new structure for its Sales function, bolstering both the Broker and Vendor teams, while retaining a clear focus on its specialist markets.

Paragon Bank has launched new five-year fixed-rate buy-to-let mortgages with nil product fees, rates starting at 5.80% and £750 cashback on selected products.

Paragon Bank Director of Mortgage Sales Moray Hulme has today retired from the company after more than 36 years of service. 

Over a third of SMEs have operated a machinery asset for longer than planned due to supply chain issues impacting the availability of new variants, Paragon Bank research has revealed.