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The private rented sector challenge for Government is to implement straightforward policy that encourages much needed investment while protecting both tenants and landlords.  

Countering negative landlord perceptions, our report reveals how the majority enjoy harmonious relationships with their tenants and highlights the important role private landlords play.

We are a founder member of Progress Together, focused on improving socio-economic diversity in the financial services sector. We speak to Richard Rowntree about why we have signed up. 

Our 2022 buy-to-let report combines our own in-depth insights with independent analysis to reveal a very different picture of the UK landlord compared with the one portrayed in the media.

The pandemic has given rise to demand for suburban and rural homes, but urban areas saw renewed appeal during 2021. Our Managing Director for Mortgages, Richard Rowntree, explores the trend. 

The PRS will continue to be crucial in meeting UK housing demand for years to come. Find out more about the role it can play in helping meet the needs of tenants now and in future.

Mortgages Managing Director Richard Rowntree discusses the need to change perceptions about privately renting, as the reality shows us a very different perspective and demonstrates the clear benefits.

An independent study of the private rented sector, commissioned by Paragon, shows that whilst the majority of tenants are happy with their home and landlord, improvements can be made. 

Our Private Rented Sector (PRS) report gives us the opportunity to identify any trends and issues in the market, so we are well placed to respond and provide support for our customers.

Discover why landlords are targeting semi-detached homes over terraced houses for the first time and how they face strong competition from residential buyers.