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Tax policy will have a greater impact on the London lettings market than Omicron, the latest coronavirus strain causing concern.

Whilst the buy-to-let sector saw a busy year in 2021, supply issues may be quietly fermenting in the background. Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, shares his thoughts.

Join us as we delve into the history of the private rented sector and reveal how social, economic and political changes paved the way for the introduction of the buy-to-let mortgage.

Buy-to-let is a divisive subject with many views and opinions. One undeniable fact, however, is that it has helped drive improvements in the standards of private rented sector property.

As buy-to-let marks its 25th anniversary, we take a look at the impact of this innovative financial product and celebrate the positive elements it has delivered to the country. 

Our latest report, Studying Student Buy-to-Let, explores different aspects of privately rented student accommodation, including where the best yields can be found.

Our latest Private Rented Sector (PRS) report reveals landlord optimism is at its highest level for several years, due to strong tenant demand along with stable rental yields and profitability.

The number of UK warehouse units and distribution centres, like Amazon, has increased by 32% since 2015. Our report looks at how this growth is impacting local housing markets and economies. 

Stamp Duty holiday changes came into effect at the end of June, but has there been any impact on the market? Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, provides his thoughts. 

The Stamp Duty holiday is ending, so what does this mean for the buy-to-let market? Our Mortgages Managing Director, Richard Rowntree, shares his predictions for the foreseeable future.